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Welcome Cooking with Groot*

During the global COVID pandemic, I began to get bored with the same meals I typically rotate with our dining out and fast food junk. We were even tired ordering out to support local restaurants but got bored with that also.

On a random, bored afternoon, I started watching YouTube videos about budget, frugal dinners to get inspired. After trying a few, I started down a rabbit hole. This blog is about that rabbit hole. You can also see pics on my Instagram, llama.and.groot.

Stay safe everyone and please wear a mask.

*I am in no way connected Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy. My little Groot planter is just in every picture as he sits near my airfryer.

And adventure to reduce food waste

Also, a believer in doing what I can to save the planet and observing how much food I had been wasting, I have also begun to try to reduce food waste by using up just about all I can, freezing leftovers, and taking scrapes to the community garden.

You can also check out our travel blog at Travel is a bit on hold right now but dreams and memories are still out there! Be safe all and stay healthy.

Blog Posts

Korean Beef BBQ for the win

Sometimes Adventures in Learning to Cook surprises ourselves. Last week we had not much of a win, but tasty none the less, but today is a total WIN. The grocery store had a 1lb sirloin steak on yellow-tag sale for $2.79. Swinging by the discount shelf, we spotted this Korean Beef BBQ box mix for…

Easy Chicken Fried Steak for 2

This past week Adventures in Learning to Cook made Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans for dinner. There were 2 leftover steaks, so on the weekend, we reheated those, chopped them up and tossed on a bag salad for a nice Saturday lunch. Yes, we used instant potatoes but it is…

Flat Enchiladas

Adventures in Learning to Cook (me) came up with Sonoran-style Flat Enchiladas for Taco Tuesday. Still working on the pantry challenge we looked to see what we had. We found about 1/2 lb of meat substitute, corn tortillas, black and pinto beans, frozen onion and peppers, cheese, and enchilada sauce. Ingredients:1/2 lb of meat of…

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